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Simple to install and operate, CrossLink brings more payment options to residents – allowing coins and credit/debit cards. In doing so, CrossLink helps laundries retain residents who might be resistant to give up the quarters. Simultaneously, laundry operators reduce coin usage and the hassles associated with coin collection. Using an internet enabled device (smartphone, computer, etc...), operators can remotely monitor their laundries, run reports, and track income through MyLaundryLink.

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PayRange is focused on eliminating payment as the barrier. We start not with the technology, but rather the operator’s realities and the user experience. First it must work for the operator, or there will be little deployment. Second, it must be simple or there won’t be many using it.

The foundation of our unique approach is simple:

  1. Leverage the user’s connection. Why connect machines to the cellular network when the users have a connected smart phone? We eliminate the costly cellular hardware and recurring monthly fees and provide an interface that is familiar to the user (their own phone).

  2. Aggregate micro-payments. Users prefund our wallet and then use on a variety of machines. It is more convenient and faster for the user, and reduces transaction costs for the operator.

  3. Eliminate contact point on machines. We significantly reduce problems for the operator by eliminating physical contact. And because there is no contact point, we improve ADA compliance – with the user’s phone in hand, it doesn’t matter if the user is 6’9” or in a wheelchair.

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