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Commercial Multi-Load Dryer, Coin Drop Ready

  • Fast-Drying Axial Airflow System

  • Digital Display Shows Time Remaining In Cycle

  • Extra-Large Lint Compartment

  • Factory-Installed Risers

  • S.A.F.E. System Puts Out Dryer Fires

    • KEEP YOUR OPERATION SAFE: The Sensor-Activated Fire Extinguisher (SAFE) automatically senses dryer fires, douses them with water and shuts off when the fire is out to minimize water damage.

  • Heavy-Duty Motor

  • Microprocessor Controls:

    • Advanced computer controls let you program drying cycles with desired drying times, temperatures and cool-down. Then select the cycle with the simple touch of a button.

Spec Sheet

Detailed dimensions of your new appliance with space requirements for the area surrounding it.

Installation Instructions

Instructions for unpacking and installing your appliance.


A complete description of your warranty coverage and contact information for service and support.

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