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Simple to install and operate, CrossLink brings more payment options to residents – allowing coins and credit/debit cards. In doing so, CrossLink helps laundries retain residents who might be resistant to give up the quarters. Simultaneously, laundry operators reduce coin usage and the hassles associated with coin collection. Using an internet enabled device (smartphone, computer, etc...), operators can remotely monitor their laundries, run reports, and track income through MyLaundryLink.

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Gone are the days of your consumers skipping laundry day because they didn’t have enough quarters. Or overloading your washers to make the most of the limited quarters they have on hand. A BluKey in your machine and a “PayRange Accepted Here” sticker is all it takes to improve satisfaction and capture sales that would otherwise have been lost. Accept mobile payment while leaving in-place the option to pay with coin. Upgrade now to bring your machines into the digital age and onto the leading payment network for machines. Join over 1,800 operators using PayRange today!

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Easily modify your coin-op laundry machine to accept credit card payment through your smartphone.

Simple to install with your existing hardware:

  • Installs in under two minutes with your existing hardware.

  • Works in conjunction with coins or as a standalone solution.

  • Compatible with all major laundry machine manufacturers.

Simple to use:

  • Step 1 Scan machine

  • Step 2 Pay

  • No WiFi or wired network needed. Connection happens through customer's smartphone.

Simple to manage:

  • Audit coin usage

  • Set and adjust pricing

  • Approve refunds

  • Review your income

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