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Interested in the coin laundry business? We have news for you!

The typical old style self-service laundry with it's plain design, poor quality machinery and lack of services has given way to the Laundry Centers equipped with Maytag and LG products . These attractive, clean, conveniently designed laundries with their modern computer controlled machines and drop-off laundry service are enjoying tremendous customer acceptance across the country. 


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  1. As our population continues to grow and housing prices escalate, more young singles as well as married couples are living in rentals for longer periods of time than ever before. Laundry facilities in rentals, if any, are often inadequate for the tenants causing them to seek out a nice laundry instead.
  2. We now live in a very mobile society. People moving from place to place are often in need of a laundry.
  3. Time pressure has caused many people to use a laundry even when they own their own washer and dryer. They can do their laundry in one 2 hour period once a week rather than working at it all week long or devoting a good half day to it during weekends.
  4. The higher costs of replacing old washers and dryers or having to pay a big repair bill has caused people to put off replacing or fixing their old machines for longer periods of time in exchange for using a nice laundry. Actually, when the cost of the equipment, it's upkeep and the utility bill to run them is all considered, it can often times be a better investment to use a laundry.
  5. With every household having at least one item (rug, sleeping bag, comforter) that is to large to be done in a domestic machine, there is a very real need for a large capacity washer and dryer to handle these items. This need has the potential of getting a large number of people in the laundry on a fairly regular basis to use these specialty machines.
  6. The tendency for people to value their time enough to seek out services that will save time is now a reality. A majority of women now work outside of the home cutting their available domestic time to a minimum. Single men usually do not enthusiastically choose to do their own laundry. For these reasons a growing amount of people are using the drop-off laundry service now available in Maytag laundries. A great boost to profit, this drop-off laundry business will sometimes cover all attendant labor costs plus add extra income to business as well.
  7. There are many small businesses in operation that require the laundering of uniforms, aprons, towels, rags, coveralls, etc. These businesses can provide nice commercial accounts for the laundry owner's drop-off laundry service.
  8. By now you can understand the need for a laundry. The last need has to do with what kind of laundry. For years the public has been forced to go to un-kept, poorly planned and ill-equipped "laundries". As if doing laundry was not punishment enough, customers had to suffer through this experience in a terrible environment as well. This is no longer the reality!  LG and Maytag have intuitive solutions that make going to the laundry mat a pleasure.



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